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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Strictly Come Dancing Live

Well, folks, I’ve been taking a little bit of time away from writing and computer building and been to Newcastle to see Strictly Come Dancing at the Newcastle Metro Arena.

It was well worth the four hour train journey and the overnight in Newcastle to see the live show. And, of course, we managed to include a tour of the shopping area in Newcastle. We never made it to the Metro Centre which is a famous shopping mall, but we did hit the Eldon Square Shopping Centre which covers most of the centre of Newcastle and contains over 150 shops including what is said to be the biggest Marks and Spencer in Britain. No prizes for guessing we shopped until we dropped.

You will have guessed by this time that I’m a Strictly fan. Can’t stand the X Factor, but wouldn’t miss a screening of Strictly Come Dancing. I love the glitz and the glamour of it all, the dresses, the dancing, the makeup, the whole shebang. Mind you, I wouldn’t be seen dead in any of the fancy gear they parade round the dance floor, I’m strictly a shirt and jeans type of person. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching it on the show.

The Metro Arena was a large venue with loads of stairs and only one lift. Our seats were excellent with a great view and the show was out of this world. The dancers performed brilliantly, as they always do, and the celebrities performed well too.

At the interval we all had a chance to vote for our favourites and, I did what Len Goodman advised and voted with my heart. Len said that was more important than voting for the best dancer, so I did what I was told and voted for Jason Donovan – I’ve got a soft spot for him. However the best dancer won, yet again. And who was that, I hear you ask. Well, if you can’t guess why should I tell you?

Oh, okay then, you’ve twisted my arm and you can let go now. It was Harry Judd, of course.

There was a bit of competition going on between Harry and Robbie Savage for the glitter ball, but that was probably staged to add spice to the show. Then there was the banter between Nancy Dell’Ollio and Craig Revel Horwood, with Nancy convinced she and Craig were ‘meant for each other’ and that was why he gave her such low marks, so he couldn’t be accused of showing favouritism. No amount of convincing that she really wasn’t his type, could change her mind.

I suppose the only disappointment was that Russell Grant wasn’t part of the show. That was because he is appearing in the West End as the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. Despite that, it was a great show and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I returned home happy, but knackered, and I'll probably need a week to recover!