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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Write Scotland Christmas Bonanza

Write Scotland Christmas Bonanza

What? You haven’t heard about Write Scotland? Well, let me give you the heads up. we’re a group of eight writers who write fiction set in Scotland. Some of us are domiciled in Scotland but we also have members who live further away. Our reach even extends as far as Australia. However, we have one thing in common, we all have strong Scottish links and we all write Scottish fiction. And, dare I say it, our books are excellent. Check out the website.

The eight authors are: Chris Longmuir; Sharon Brownlie; Cathy M Donnelly: Wendy H Jones; Carmel McMurdo Audsley; Billy McLaughlin; Alex Breck; and Melanie Robertson-King.

Write Scotland Authors

Well, we’ve recently put our Scottish thinking heads together and we came up with the bright idea that we’d host a Facebook event to introduce you to our members and, as it’s near Christmas, we’re calling it the Write Scotland Christmas Bonanza. You can find the details here, please check it out and if you like what you see then we’d be glad to see you at the event.

As I’ve already said there are eight of us and we’ll be running competitions with prizes, offering freebies, and allowing you to put us on the spot by asking us any question you like, no matter how outlandish it is. But, above all, it’s going to be great fun. You mustn’t miss it.

Ah! I knew I’d forgotten something. The event is taking place on Facebook on Sunday 3rd December and it kicks off at 7pm (UK time) when you can meet the first of our authors, Robin Morton. My slot comes immediately after that at 7.20pm, and as an inducement, I’ve reduced all my Kindle ebooks to £1.99 for the duration of the event but they will go back to normal prices on Wednesday 6th December, so you’ll need to be quick.

I hope I’ll see you on Sunday.

Chris Longmuir