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Monday, 27 October 2014

Awesome New Website for Awesome Indies

Advance News

The clock is ticking towards the launch of the new Awesome Indies Website, but I thought I’d give you advance warning so you can look out for it and you don’t miss out on the bargains on offer to celebrate the launch.

Who or what is Awesome Indies?

Awesome Indies is a site for readers that showcases the best fiction written by independent authors and/or published by independent publishers. The criteria for acceptance by AI is fairly demanding and requires books to be appraised by publishing professionals such as experienced editors or others with qualifications in creative writing and English literature before acceptance for the site. This is to ensure that any book featured on Awesome Indies is the best it can be. You won’t find badly edited or badly formatted books here, and provided you choose a book from a genre you know you will enjoy it is unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

Awesome Indies website

The website has been in existence for quite a long time now and there was a feeling that it could do with a makeover, to make it more modern and up-to-date. So, the co-ordinators of the site have been beavering away and the upgrade is now complete. For those of you who already know Awesome Indies, I hope you’ll like the changes, and for those of you who haven’t visited before, all the Awesome Indies members and contributors welcome you with open arms.

Click Awesome Indies to go to the website, but if you visit before 1st November it will be the original site, the new one will be there on 1st November

Good news for readers.

The brand new website will be launched on Saturday 1st November, and in order to celebrate, AI is running a ‘Win a Kindle’ competition, as well as having a huge sale with over 70 books priced at less than $3.00 / £1.90. All of these are genuine reductions. But you have to hurry because the sale only lasts for 2 days, the 1st and 2nd November.

Awesome Indies Readers Club

However, the bargains don’t need to stop after the launch. Awesome Indies has a reader’s club which gives you freebies when you join and sends you a regular newsletter to let you know about discounts and bargains when they occur. Click here, Reader’s Club, to find out more

Diary date

So, put the date in your diary, set the alarm on your clock or mobile phone, put a cross on the calendar, and definitely don’t miss out on the bargains.

Chris Longmuir