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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Launch Day Giveaway -

Launch Day Giveaway

– your chance to win a free copy of a book and be featured in the Review Chair…

The Rules are simple:

1. You can enter any time between 29 June 2011 and 3 July 2011.

2. Entries are limited to one per book, but feel free to enter for every book on offer.

3. Winners will be picked by the individual Authors themselves, there are no ‘right’ answers – this is fun and ‘luck of the draw’.

4. You need to provide an Email address and by entering, give permission for us to contact you to notify you if you have won; winners will then be contacted again within 3 months to be interviewed for the blog. Your Email addresses will not be passed on or used for any other purpose. All winners will be notified by 17 July 2011.

How to enter:

Simply post a comment below stating which book you want to win, and tell me why you want to win a copy! Don’t forget to leave a full contact Email address. Thank you for joining in and I hope you will visit my blog as well as the website in the near future.

Who will interview you for your review?

Janice Horton is the Review Chair Editor. As a Featured Reviewer, everything you say will be passed on to the Author and your interview will talk about the book you've read and tell everyone a little bit about YOU.

We're sure you are going to love the’s hand-picked group of new and soon-to-be published authors and they are certainly going to be delighted to hear what you have to say as we encourage them along their path to success!

Are you a more avid reader and interested in linking more closely with’s new Authors? Then please consider becoming an Associate Reader to one or more of the website’s Authors, details on the right-hand side of the website. This interactive website is aimed at READERS who want to join in and make a difference, become involved in the process of raising the profile of the Featured Authors and have some fun at the same time!

If you’ve got to this blog on your own remember to check out to see what else is happening as part of the official launch celebrations.

Giveaway Titles

I have 3 books in the giveaway. One of them is a paperback, the other two are ebooks. If you enter for the ebook giveaway competition, tell me what kind of ereader you have and the correct format will be sent.

You can read the first chapters of each book on my website Go to the Novels page and click read more. There are also some reviews on my author's page on

Good luck with your entries.


1  Dead Wood - Paperback

2  Night Watcher - ebook, available for Kindle, Sony Ereader, or Nook

3  A Salt Splashed Cradle - ebook, available for Kindle, Sony Ereader, or Nook

Please state which book your entry is for. You can enter for all three books if you wish, but please make them separate submissions, ie one book per comment box. Don’t forget to read the competition rules at the start of this blog, and don’t forget to include your email address.

NB - Some people have been having trouble leaving comments on Blogger sites. If this happens to you there is an easy fix. When you are taken to the Google account sign in page make sure that the ‘Stay signed in’ box does not have a tick in it. If it does, remove the tick.

The book giveaway competition has started. Submit your entry now. You have until the first stroke of midnight on the 3rd of July. Don't miss out.


Tim Greaton said...

I should win a Salt Splashed Cradle because A. It's a creative title. B. It's an ebook so wouldn't cost the author anything. C. I leave really good reviews for really good books. And, finally, D. I come from a family of 600 children who ate only treebark and sand soup each morning for breakfast. and I have a least I used to have a Kindle :-)

Amanda said...

A great post and its brilliant to be a featured author on isn't it? We want readers to be part of the gang so come and enter the competition and win free books!!

Cheryl said...

I would love to win Night Watcher! I added it to my Goodreads to-read list! I love to read and review books. My blog is at

Cheryl said...

I would also like to be entered to win Dead Wood.

Bikerhen said...

Hi Chris, I'd love to win "A Salt Splashed Cradle" I love your work and have your other two books and I'll promote you, your book and the website if I win.



meandmom said...

I would like to win Deadwood because I am intrigued by the book cover.

meandmom said...

I would like to win Nightwatch because it sounds like a good mystery,

meandmom said...

I would like to win Salt Splashed Cradle because I have to know what that title means.