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Monday, 5 December 2011

Recognition at Last (I think)

Why am I so excited today? Well last night when I browsed Amazon on my iPad, my eye was caught by the cover of my crime thriller Dead Wood. It was in a Listmania list, apparently posted by Poison Pixie Publishing, and no, they are not my publishers. Dead Wood was published by Polygon. I have no idea who Poison Pixie Publishing are, but they’re my new heroes. Thanks, Poison Press Publishing.

So, my curiosity stimulated, I clicked on the list, and the first name I saw in it at number 1, was Barbara Vine. Below that was Nicci French at number 2 and 3, number 7 was PD James, and number 10 was Michael Connelly. I fully expected to be number 100 or even 1,000, because these are very successful, well established crime writers. But what was that at number 14 – Eek, it was my Dead Wood. I couldn’t believe it. My book was number 14. Further down the list were other fabulous writers, Jo Nesbo, John Connolly, Ruth Rendell. Surely it couldn’t be true.

I’m still rubbing my eyes and I go back frequently to the saved page on my iPad to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. And I wasn’t dreaming. I’m there at number 14. Thank you Poison Pixie Publishing and thank you to all the readers who enjoyed Dead Wood so much that it warranted a place on this list.
Recognition at last. How sweet it is.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Brilliant, Chris - and not before time! Don't you just love finding these random mentions?

Bill Kirton said...

Save it Chris, print it out, have it framed. And tell Polygon about it. It won the Dundee Prize, for God's sake. It's a great crime novel. It deserves to be alongside those others. I'm really, really chuffed for you.

Joan Fleming said...

WOW, Chris! So well deserved.

Melanie said...

That's brilliant news, Chris! I agree with Bill about the printing and framing. Perhaps even give Polygon a copy of it.

Dead Wood was a page-turning read and the "signed by the author" copies I got brought here to Canada went down a treat with all who bought them. They'll be chuffed to hear about it.