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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lucky 7: Seven lines from new works

Ooh! I’ve been tagged by Sue Uden and Janet O’Kane. Thanks ladies for taking my mind off my work for a few minutes, well, maybe a bit more than a few. So what have they done to me? Yikes! They’ve tagged me to take part in Lucky 7: Seven lines from new works. They said the rules were simple, and here they are:
  1. Go to page 77 of your current MS or WIP
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them as they’re written
  4. Tag 7 more writers and let them know.
Okay, I’ve done that and here are the seven lines from my current book which is as yet untitled. And luckily, or maybe not so luckily, the seven lines feature my detective sergeant, the lovely, or not so lovely, Bill Murphy.
Bill swallowed the lump in his throat. Shit, he’d forgotten about the damned report. He wriggled in his seat.

‘You do have it?’

‘Actually,’ Bill said, ‘I was waiting for SOCO to get back to me with some information I needed before I could complete it. But I couldn’t raise them last night.’

‘I see.’ It was obvious from her tone she didn’t believe him. ‘In that case you will have the report on my desk within the hour.’ She paused before continuing, ‘I’m sure they’ll be on duty now.’
Ooh! She’s a sarky one that new DI of his, and boy, does she have it in for him. Bill can almost feel the knife between his shoulder blades. He’s a bit of a loser though, so maybe he needs someone to keep him in line. Check out the interview Peggy Stanton did with him for Famous Five Plus then when you’ve checked Bill out you might want to know what his colleague Detective Sergeant Sue Rogers thinks of him
So now you’ve met my Bill Murphy, and you’ll maybe get a clue why some of my readers think he needs a good woman to take him in hand. Please form an orderly queue ladies, he’ll get round to you all sooner or later.

So what now? I have to find seven other folk to tag. Who will I choose? Who will be the lucky seven? Did I hear a mutter of ‘unlucky’ there? We’ll have less insubordination in the ranks, if you please, and I will ignore that. So it’s over to –

Janice Horton - @JaniceHorton -

Gilli Allan - @gilliallan -

Pauline Barclay - @paulinembarclay -

Eileen Schuh - @eileenschuh -

Melanie King - @RobertsoKing -

Susan Russo Anderson - @SusanRussoAnder -

Susan Livingston - @lotsocats100 -

Now do you know what you rescued me from, Sue and Janet, just an afternoon of book-keeping, getting things ready for the tax man. So, my blessings ladies, this has been a welcome relief.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh, that sounds good, Chris! Love the sarky female.

Donna said...

Just found your blog through Crystal Jigsaw's blog...I like a good mystery novel...Enjoy your day!

Gwen Kirkwood said...

Here am I procrastinating again but it was worth it. The seven lines are intriguing,Chris. Remind me I said I must read the whole when it is finished.

Chris Longmuir said...

Thanks for your comments, folks. It's nice to know someone's looking.