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Thursday, 12 July 2012

All Talked Out

My recent blogs have been focused on something the majority of us learn to do at an early age – talking.
Chris giving talk on Tartan Noir at Crimefest 2012
I’ve been doing a lot of talking lately starting with Crimefest, where I talked about Scottish Crime Writing and how it came by the name of Tartan Noir. You can see my report on Crimefest here Following that I wrote an article for the blog Do Authors Dream of Electric Books where I considered how personal appearances and talks could be used as a promotional tool. You can check that out here
Chris Longmuir delivering her speech at A Summer Audience in Tetbury
Hot on the heels of Crimefest was the Love a Happy Ending event – A Summer Audience – at Tetbury. That was really good because I met up with loads of writers and readers associated with, an online literary community of writers, readers and editors, and of course I had to blog about that. You’ll see my blog looking at when virtual friends become real flesh and blood friends, here But I also gave a cut down version of my talk to Love a Happy Ending and they published it on their site. It’s here if you want to have a look at it
Chris still rabbiting on about psychopaths and mystery writers at Tetbury

After those two big events you would think I would have relaxed back to recuperate, but no, there were two more to go. A library talk on the last day of June, where I must admit I used some of the material I’d prepared for Tetbury, interspersed with some readings of my published books, but I also gave them a preview of the work in progress by reading the first chapter. The only problem with that is I am now being hassled by my readers to get the book finished. Yikes, there’s been so much going on this year that my writing time seems to have gone down the drain. Can’t disappoint my readers though, so it looks as if I’m going to have to chain myself to my computer and get on with it.
Finally, I gave a highly successful talk to my local writers’ circle on epublishing. So that’s me now until the end of August when I’m booked to talk about epublishing to a writers’ group on the west coast.
So, has my marathon of talking been worth it? Well, I did notice a surge in sales after each talk, so I suppose that proves personal appearances and talking does have a marketing spin off. On the other hand it could simply be a coincidence because my sales have been increasing month by month since I first started to epublish. But the main pay off for me has been enjoyment. I have loved meeting my readers and people who are enthusiastic about my writing, even if it has been at the expense of the amount of writing I can do. So I would say, yes, it has been worth it.
In the meantime I’m all talked out.



Sue Fortin said...

You have been so busy Chris, with still more to come - I really enjoyed your talk at Tetbury.

Good luck with getting the new book finished - I'm one of those readers who are waiting for it ... no pressure!


Patricia said...

Well done, Chris! How exciting to share your message and experience with others! We are all awaiting your next launch. Write on!

Cara Cooper said...

I must get out more, you've mentioned so many good events here. Thanks Chris.

Chris Longmuir said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I get a kick when I know people are reading my blog. I get a bigger kick when they read my books.

Melanie said...

You looked right in your element in the photos you posted. I hope when I start making the rounds I looks as at ease as you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris - I'm sure the rise in sales was no coincidence. Well done and hope you are enjoying a well-earned break. Oops - Dead Wood still on my TBR pile - hope to get there soon.

Linn B Halton said...

I love the photos of you Chris - you love speaking and it shows. You were amazing at a Summer Audience too!

Nicky Wells said...

Sadly, I was only to witness one of these events, the LAHE one: but I can definitely tell the world that you are a great talker. So now take a well deserved rest... and I look forward to hearing and reading more from you soon. Well done, Chris! x

Janice Horton said...

My goodness you have been busy and as the 'word' gets about your wonderful talks, I'm sure you'll get even busier, Chris!

It's hard for an author to balance everything that's part of a writer's life these days - it's no longer just about the writing, is it? But of course, we have to get out there and live life to write about it, don't we?

Janice xx

myraduffy said...

Wow,Chris, you have been busy! And thanks for sharing your thoughts with those of us unable to attend any of the events.