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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Anchors Away – Awesome Indies Website is Live

In my last post I told you all about the brand new website that has been designed for Awesome Indies, but of course the links only took you to the original site because the new one was scheduled for today, Saturday 1st November. Scroll down if you want to read my previous post.Here is the link for the new website

Well, today is the day, the website is live, and all those delicious book bargains are on offer. There are 74 books in the sale, I know because I counted them. And there are loads to choose from, in a variety of different genres. Oh, and before I forget, there is a competition for you with the prize being a Kindle Paperwhite ereader. Here is the link to the competition page – Awesome Indies Welcome Page.

However, don’t miss my books. I have two in the sale. And these books have never been discounted before – ever. So, they are genuine bargains. Let me tell you about them.

I decided to put Night Watcher and A Salt Splashed Cradle in the sale to celebrate the launch of the new website. They’ve both been reduced from $4.99/£3.03 down to $2.99/£1.92.

Night Watcher is the first book in my Dundee Crime Series, featuring DS Bill Murphy, and it’s been very popular, as well as the rest of the series. It’s a story of two stalkers, both with the same target, Nicole, who is rather partial to male company and is not too concerned about whose husband she steals. I’ve already said there were two stalkers – there is the woman with revenge on her mind playing mind games, and then there is the deranged and dangerous Night Watcher. But who kills Nicole? Read it and find out. Link for Night Watcher.

Here are a couple of reviews of Night Watcher:

Night watcher is the sort of novel that keeps the reader glued to its pages, frantically guessing as the plot takes numerous twists and turns. – Alex Gray, Crime Writer

This is a complex and very well crafted tale, beautifully put together -full of a sense of foreboding, and full of menace. – Catherine Czerkawska

A Salt Splashed Cradle is different. It is not my usual crime story. It is a historical saga set in 1830s Scotland in an east coast fishing village which does not welcome newcomers in their midst. This story reflects the living conditions and the morals of the ordinary fishing folk of that time. It starts when Jimmie Watt brings his new bride home to his horrified parents. This is because fishermen are expected to marry within their own community, and Belle is an incomer from the town across the water. Belle, an emotionally damaged and beautiful girl, struggles to find acceptance in the village but she is fighting a losing battle, and when Jimmie leaves the fishing village to sail to the Arctic with a whaling ship, she becomes increasingly isolated. With Jimmie gone, Belle falls for the charms of Lachlan, the Laird’s son and embarks on a tempestuous affair with him. When Jimmie returns she struggles with her feelings for him and for Lachlan. The women in the village now regard Belle as a Jezebel who will tempt their men away. A mood of hysteria engulfs them and they turn against Belle, in an attempt to force her out of the village. What will Belle do? And will she survive? Read it to find out. Link for A Salt Splashed Cradle

Here are some reviews of A Salt Splashed Cradle:

There is some beautiful poetic writing and the complex life of the heroine, Belle, had me gripped from the beginning. Some of the loveliest writing is in the whaling sequences -one can feel the cold - and among the whalers she creates some outstanding charactersEileen Ramsay, novelist

Chris Longmuir's books so far have been mysterious, suspenseful stories concerned with some of the darker depths of human nature. So it's surprising to learn that this latest is a romance. But fans won't be disappointed. Yes, it's a romance but the murkier motives and actions are still in evidenceBill Kirton, crime writer

A Salt-Splashed Cradle drips with historical accuracy, and even the scenes aboard a whaling ship seem to have been recounted directly from an 1800's whaler, almost as if Chris Longmuir boarded those ships and chopped them free from the arctic ice herselfTim Greaton

There are many more books in the sale and I hope you’ll visit the sale page to sample some of them. Have fun reading.

Here is the link to the sale page

Chris Longmuir


Madalyn Morgan said...

Fabulous site Chris. Looking forward to reading more and finding out all about you... I tried to leave a comment before, but it didn't stick. Hope this one does. x

Suzy Turner said...

Great stuff, Chris! Best of luck with sales during your promotion! xx

Chris Longmuir said...

Thanks to both of you for your kind words.