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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Invitation to a #crimechat just for you

How do you like your crime fiction?

Do you like the dead bodies piling up as an intrepid hero or heroine faces ever increasing dangers which make you shout “Don’t go in there” or “Turn the light on” or “He’s waiting to kill you” or even the famed pantomime shout “He’s behind you?”

Or maybe you like an international thriller with a Bond type hero.

Or maybe something a little bit cosier like romantic suspense.

And let’s not forget the mystery and suspense thriller.

Well, if you accept the invitation you can chat with four authors who are expert in all these fields. You can ask them anything you like, such as: “How many people have you killed?” “What kind of weapon do you prefer?” “Who mops up the blood?” “What do you do when you’re face to face with a killer?” “Will your hero/heroine ever meet the man/woman of their dreams?” Then there are the writerly questions, such as “Where do you write?” “When do you write?” or after you’ve killed someone (on paper) “Do you sleep at night?” I’m sure you’re capable of thinking up any number of questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

The authors:

Wendy H Jones: She writes police procedurals with a humorous touch, and her policemen are always eating. If you aren’t hungry when you start reading one of her books, you’ll be ravenous by the time you reach the end. Shona McKenzie, her gun-toting detective inspector is a tough cookie. Oh, and I’d better warn you, the body count is high in her books.

Mark Leggatt: An exciting new voice in crime fiction whose first book is an intense, page-turning, fast paced international thriller, that moves between Paris, Zurich, Morocco and Tehran. He has been described as a blend of Bourne, Bond, and Indiana Jones.

Fiona Veitch Smith: A versatile author who writes children’s picture books as well as dabbling in crime. She has a contemporary romantic thriller set in South Africa, as well as her Poppy Denby Investigates series, set in the 1920s, I would guess this author is probably a bit cosier than the rest of us.

Chris Longmuir: Yes that’s me! I write psychological thrillers which are also police procedurals, and although I use the same police personnel in each book the main characters are actually the people directly involved in the crime. You know, the victims, the perpetrators, or anyone connected to the crime other than the police. Despite this, my readers have developed an affection for D S Bill Murphy, who appears in each book. Don’t ask me why, because he’s a bit of a loser. But I also write historical crime and have started a new series featuring Kirsty Campbell, Dundee’s first policewoman in 1919. She is a truly original character unlike any other I’ve come across and I think this series is going to be a winner.

So make sure you come along and chat with us. We’ll be waiting with bated breath and hoping you don’t trip us up with your questions.

Put the date in your diary now
Date: - Friday 19 February 2016
Time:- 9pm GMT
Place:- Twitter using the hashtag #crimechat

Chris Longmuir

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